Customer Kudos

"I want to thank you. The TRIO team is by far the best team of electricians I have ever worked with. During our challenging job they have been our go-to team. Thanks again from the Gallant team."
-Marc, Gallant
"I wanted to take this opportunity to express my pleasure with working with TRIO this evening. I placed an emergency call due to loss of power. The TRIO crew arrived and I was surprised to see the good attitude they showed. Normally I get not-so-friendly technicians when an after hour call is made. They were respectful and right away they showed me what needs to be done to trace down the problem. They were very knowledgeable and never showed that they were bothered even when we asked questions that might not have made sense. They answered every question without hesitation with a surprisingly nice attitude. I want to make sure you guys know that people like you are not common nowadays. I will recommend your company every single chance I get!"
-Ricardo, Houston Eye Associates
"I am writing today to thank TRIO for your response to the power outage at our facility. We called TRIO at 5:20 in the afternoon to see if TRIO could send a crew to address the problem. Not long after that, TRIO arrived at the scene and did the initial evaluation. The team was very knowledgeable and professional and confirmed the plan to get us back up and running. I cannot say enough positive things about the crew that was assembled within hours of our initial call. They were a very dedicated team and got us on-line in the early morning hours as initially estimated. Our greatest thanks to TRIO and the entire crew that worked so hard that night. The incident reconfirmed we have a reliable and high quality partner in TRIO Electric."
-Russell, Service Wire Houston
"We could not have made the big milestone of '365 Day Safety Celebration' without your entire team and its efforts. We really do appreciate all that everyone on your Trio team has done and will continue to do not only for safety but to help us meet our goals. Many thanks for everything."
-Lisa, DE Harvey Builders
"I wanted to take time to send my HUGE THANKS to address outstanding assistance, technical expertise, and professionalism give to me by the Trio team. The project is a resounding success as this was a priority project and now it's complete, EVERYTHING is flawless, and the boss has done nothing but smile since the work was done. Thanks Trio, for saving our projects, your professionalism, excellence, guidance, and attention to detail are really what we appreciate and look forward to in the future."
-Tim, US Dept of Justice
"Your electricians were just a stunning help to us today!

Every year we adopt a needy family at Christmas – a family that would have little to no Christmas at all if we were unable to make it happen for them. They live in an old house with some ancient, barely functioning appliances in the kitchen. We arranged to purchase a new stove for them. I expected an electrical horror show back behind that old stove, knowing that the builder way back in the day had probably cut some corners on the install.

Sure enough, there was no receptacle at all back there, but only a short 220 volt power cord punched through a hole in the wall, and then hard wired back to terminals on the back of the old stove – exactly as I feared. Shane and his electrician went to work, very professional, efficient work, and soon we were ready to plug in a new stove for this family. I just want to commend you for the donation of these professional’s time on behalf of our efforts to help out this family at Christmas. They were efficient, quite pleasant to work with, and came ready to make this happen. They made all of this work look almost easy – but having fought these projects before, I know that that is rarely the case. In my words alone I cannot adequately express my gratitude for their hard work today, and your contribution for the donation of their time on our behalf."
-Randy, Wood Group
"I was more than delighted to meet your team week before last in Austin and was absolutely convinced that your firm is the type of contractor we desire to do business with. I spent two hours on the phone with your team today going through your VE suggestions and list of alternate fixture selections which turned out to be successful. . Your team represented themselves well and I am impressed."
-Derek, CIM Group
“You guys are the greatest!!! I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to the building and our team.”
- Crystal, CBRE
“This past weekend was a big victory. I don’t know all the individuals in your companies that participated but please give them my warmest regards and congratulations on a job well done. Every one beat the estimated times, the building was restored ahead of schedule and our tenants were able to get back to conducting their business.”
- Paul, CBRE
“I was the Engineer that stayed the night thru this ordeal and want you to know what a GREAT team of electricians you have. Shane, James, Trey, Jose, and Jorge (in no any particular order) not only met but beat their projected time line allowing us to get a head start on perform our duties to bring the building back to normal. I would certainly consider Trio Electric in any and all of our future needs.”
-Dennis, CBRE
“You and your team did a stellar job getting the school back on line. Also our thanks to CenterPoint for scheduling the Sunday power restore on short notice. We could not have done it without you.”
- Allen, Fort Bend ISD
"I wanted to thank you for setting up the technicians yesterday for us here at Marathon Oil Tower. The guys were very professional and very pleasant to work with.  Please let them know we appreciated their work!" -Felix, MM Properties
"During a meeting this week Lyondell spoke very highly of Trio, it’s personnel and abilities. I know it has been a challenge over the last few months to rectify issues and Trio has succeeded in doing what it takes to minimize the issues/delays caused.  It’s much appreciated and not only recognized by Urban but also by Lyondell.  Congrats and way to go!" -David, The Urban Companies