Commercial Office Building

Houston Area Office Building

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Members of Trio’s management team were hired to perform a lighting retrofit of Houston area office building, a 25-year old, 41-story, 1.25 million square-foot commercial office building located in Houston, Texas. The project scope included a system upgrade of the existing 34-watt fluorescent T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts. The project was initiated in December 2006 and completed in March 2007 and the result of the retrofit is summarized below:

Benefits of Lighting Retrofit:

  • 40-50% reduction in energy consumption
  • 15-30% increase in light levels
  • Standardization of lighting products and reduction in maintenance inventory
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 1,200 tons
  • Reduced sulfur dioxide emissions by 25,520 pounds
  • Reduced nitrous oxide emissions by 16,500 pounds
  • Installation of web-based Energy Management System
  • Increased property valuation through green initiatives and LEED certification
  • EPAct tax deduction
  • Payback less than 2 years

Financial Highlights:

  • Total Annual Savings – $315,000+
  • Average Monthly Savings – $26,250
  • 52% ROI