Trio’s Safety Plan and Policies

Trio Electric Power Lines

At Trio, we are committed to providing a safe and responsible workplace for our employees, vendors, subcontractors and clients in all of our operations. To achieve our goal of eliminating work-related injuries, Trio promotes a culture in which employees at every level of management are held accountable to continually improve jobsite safety.

Trio’s aggressive Safety Plan places emphasis on continual safety training and education for all our employees. Training begins when an employee is first hired and continues throughout the employee’s tenure with the company.

Employee Training

  • Established a Focus Four Training Program, which requires ALL employees and sub-contractors to receive training in Ladder Safety, Fall Protection, Electrical Hazards and Lockout Tagout prior to being sent out to the job site.
  • All foreman are required to complete OHSA-10 Certification Training, First Aid, CPR and AED training.
  • Trio requires job and task-specific safety certification (i.e. scaffolding, scissor lift, excavation, heavy equipment, boom lift, etc.), ensuring employees are competent and qualified for each hazard.
  • Trio rewards employees who voluntarily participate in additional training courses provided throughout the year.

Safety Inspections

Trio has developed a top-notch Safety Inspection Program. Our web-based program allows for efficient data collection, real-time reporting and the ability to observe and record trends in safety.

To ensure a safe working environment, Trio incorporates safety and environmental inspections as part of the daily and weekly site inspections conducted by Site Foremen. All field leaders use a Safety Inspection Report for documentation. Additionally, Project Managers and Safety Officers use the Report when they conduct unscheduled inspections at a jobsite.

Trio’s Foremen also conduct weekly Toolbox Talks with their on-site team, to keep them informed on OSHA safety practices and help prevent injuries on the jobsite.

Safety History

Trio’s aggressive safety program and policies has allowed us to maintain low Experience Modification Rate (EMR) ratings.

Year    EMR 
2010     0.80
2011      0.80
2012      0.82*

*Texas Mutual negotiated rate