Energy Consulting

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Trio Energy works in conjunction with its partner J.Pollock Incorporated to help clients procure and manage energy in both regulated and competitive markets.

Via this relationship, Trio can help clients develop and implement procurement strategy, including supplier choice, pricing, risk and data management, contract analysis and negotiations. Our knowledge of key market fundamentals that determine reliability and price as well as our 24/7 access to commodity, fuel and emission prices, and regional/utility specific supply and demand curves, can provide you with important
information and insight for developing and implementing a comprehensive energy strategy.

Services we provide include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Aggregation Services
  • Alternative Energy Supply Options
  • Asset Valuation
  • Bill and Tariff Audits
  • Contract Analysis, Review & Negotiations
  • Demand-Response Programs
  • Financial and Economic Studies of Utilities and Energy Suppliers
  • Market Assessment
  • Market Power Analysis
  • Price Forecasts & Surveys
  • Resource Planning
  • RFPs (Electricity & Natural Gas)
  • Sequencing/Load Shedding
  • Site Selection
  • Strategic Planning
  • Rebate & Incentive Procurement
  • Tax Deductions
Trio can also help you obtain incentives and rebates offered by utility companies and state or local governments for embarking on energy savings projects. To find out if incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency are available near you, visit DSIRE. Trio can also determine if you qualify for tax deductions through the federal government (IRS) including the application and preparation of all documentation needed to obtain these tax deductions.