Lighting Retrofit

Lighting technology has advanced tremendously in recent years. Most people understand that a significant savings can be achieved by having a lighting retrofit performed. Trio Energy can help you quantify the savings by performing a lighting audit and using it to compare your existing lighting system to a more efficient lighting system.

We will prepare a turn-key proposal that will include the project price, annual savings, payback period, return on investment (ROI), a systems analysis and the environmental impact of the project. In addition, Trio will help you secure all available tax deductions and other rebates and incentives where applicable.

Lighting Retrofit Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs due to energy savings
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to longer life ratings
  • HVAC load reduction
  • Reduced operating costs due to material warranties

Potential Opportunities

Existing Lighting System:
  • T12 Lighting Systems
  • T8 Lighting Systems
  • HID Fixtures
  • Incandescent A-19
  • Incandescent EXIT signs
  • Unoccupied Areas
  • Sun Light Illuminated Areas
Potential Upgrade:
  • T8 Reduced Wattage Lighting Systems
  • T8 Reduced Wattage Lighting Systems
  • Fluorescent T8 & T5 Fixtures
  • Compact Fluorescent
  • LED EXIT Signs
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Photocells