TRIO is “Changing The Process”


TRIO pre-assembles material at its warehouse facility prior to installation. We manufacture large quantities of electrical assemblies (boxes, whips, fixtures, gear, temporary panels, racks, etc.) in a controlled environment before it is shipped to the jobsite. Our process ensures quality control is completed before it’s too late!

Prefabrication allows TRIO to:

  • Enhance productivity – factory vs. field
  • Expedite construction schedules – “as built” done in advance
  • Reduce general conditions – less trash and clean-up
  • Increase safety / reduce jobsite injuries
  • Get out of the way of other trades
  • Educate new employees / green helpers

Manufacturing components in our off-site factory is more effective and efficient:

  • Questions are inherently raised that reduce errors
  • Field supervisors have hand in the process
  • CAD layouts are available
  • Production worksheets drive delivery schedule

Prefabrication saves clients time and money.

In a controlled environment, we can produce higher quantities with greater accuracy before it is shipped to the jobsite.