Manufacturing Facility


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Brochsteins Inc., one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of custom architectural woodwork and furniture, hired Trio Energy to perform a lighting retrofit in their manufacturing facility. In approximately 10 days, Trio retrofitted more than 600 fixtures throughout Brochsteins 147,000 square foot manufacturing facility without impairing the customer’s production schedule. The result of the retrofit is summarized below:

Benefits of Lighting Retrofit:

  • 47% reduction in annual lighting maintenance costs
  • 37% reduction in annual electricity costs associated with lighting
  • 15-30% increase in light levels
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 127 tons
  • Payback less than 2 years

Financial Highlights:

  • Total Annual Savings – $32,671
  • Annual Electric Savings – $19,559
  • Average Monthly Savings – $1,630
  • 52% ROI