Energy Conservation

Would you like to save money and the environment?

If your organization is like most, energy expenses account for a significant portion of your total operating costs. TRIO’s Energy Intelligence™ will enable you to control and dramatically reduce these costs. TRIO Energy customers have saved millions of dollars while reducing their carbon footprint. We will identify energy savings opportunities that require minimal capital expenditures.

TRIO’s team consists of a diverse group of professionals with significant experience in engineering, construction and finance.

  1. We will design a customized solution to meet your needs.
  2. We execute our own projects with minimal disruption to your operations.
  3. We understand the “bottom line” and know how to help you increase it.

We believe there is a tremendous opportunity for you to save money.

A thorough review of your energy bills and a detailed audit of your facilities will enable us to identify cost reduction opportunities on both sides of the utility meter.
Utility Meter

TRIO Energy’s services and solutions cover a broad range of projects both ahead of and behind the utility meter.


  • Electricity Procurement
  • Contract Review & Negotiations
  • Aggregation Services
  • Price Forecasts & Surveys
  • Demand-Response Programs
  • Bill and Tariff Audits
  • Sequencing/Load Shedding
  • Market Assessment
  • Rebate Procurement
  • Tax Deductions

To view case studies on some of our recent projects, please follow the links below.



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Commercial Office Building


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